Torrone Nurzia 2 x 200g BOX

Soft nougat with extra dark chocolate – Box of 2 220g sticks.

Since the birth of Sorelle Nurzia way back in 1835 , the company's tradition continues today, thanks to the enthusiasm that the heirs have continued to instill in the business.
It is also thanks to the Farroni family that the quality and craftsmanship of the time remain intact.
Over time, a vast range of genuine and delicious products was born under the sign of the Nurzia tradition.
Not only nought, which over the years has differentiated itself into multiple flavors and nuances, but also pastry products , such as soft almond macaroons , delicious cantuccini with chocolate chips or the fragrant tart with morello cherry jam.
In the 2000s Sorelle Nurzia further adapted to the evolution of the confectionery market, enriching its range of products with soft and tasty panettone , and pandoro , naturally leavened according to tradition.
Over the years, the image of Nurzia products has also adapted to modern times, in which what "appears" has a very important value in identifying and exalting the product. Particular attention to packaging has led to the creation of a special line of wrapping , all original, handmade and made with the same care reserved for desserts, which remain the "heart" of Nurzia's production.


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