Everything that a coffee lover needs to make the perfect espresso!  

  • Monti Aluminium Espresso Moka pot 250g
  • Celino’s Italian Roast ground Coffee
  • Celino’s branded espresso cups and saucers x 2
  • Luzury Le Dolcezze di nanna classic cantuccini 200g

Celino’s Italian Roast

Roasted in house using our own roaster, we have developed an elegant caramel Neapolitan roast that is suitable for your mocha pot creating amazing aromas in your own kitchen while anticipating the taste of a well finished refined espresso.

Celino's Espresso Cups & Saucer

Italian made Tazza espresso cups branded with Celino's logo x 2

Mocha Pot 3 Cup

Neapolitan made espresso mocha pot witch will make enough espresso for 3 cups

Le Dolcezze

"Le Dolcezze" cantuccini buiscit makers since 1959 at Ponte D’Arbia,in the heart of the Val D’Arbia alongside Via Francigena (Tuscany) the Marini Giovanni’s family, have been making flavoured cantuccini   ALL OUR HAMPER PACKAGING IS 100% RECYCLABLECreated for pasta lovers, this hamper will produce fifteen delicious pasta dishes.  



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