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Nonna Basket £50

A fantastic gift for grannies or other loved ones that deserve a treat.

Fraccarro breakfast brioche 10 x 20g

Molino Bianco Pan Di Stelle Biscuits 350g

Tre Fontane soft amaretto fruit flavoured 250g

Baci milk chocolates 125g

Celino’s classic fruit panettone 500g


Opened in 1932, when Elena and Giovanni Fraccaro established a bakery within the town walls of Castelfranco Veneto. The bakery gained a reputation for its well-known confectionery specialties producing fragrant brioche and panettone.

Mulino Bianco

Italy’s favourite Bakery, crafting sweet cookies with expertise and passion for flavour honed over 140 years. Over the years, Mulino Bianco has become an icon of taste and goodness,

Tre Fontane

Located on the slopes of the Liguria since 1993, Tre Fontane takes up the Italian pastry tradition with ancient recipes of master pastry chefs, paying attention and attention to the quality and freshness of raw materials, the best Apulian almonds and renowned Piedmont hazelnuts.


Baci Perugina since 1922 Italy’s most iconic luxury sweet complete with love messages inside.