Fiasconaro Panettone Oro Verde 1kg


Pistacchio Panettone 1kg


Luxury Sicilian classic Panettone covered with white chocolate and pistachio complete with jar of pistachio cream spread. Includes branded spreading knife 
The story of the Fiasconaro family business started in Castelbuono in Sicily's Madonie Park in the fifties and to this day it is ran by Fausto,Martino and Nicola The business was originally started in 1953 by their father Mario Fiasconaro, who over time managed to turn his small ice cream parkour, located in the main square of the town, into a thriving business in the field of confectionery and catering. In the nineties, thanks to the brilliant idea of the talented master confectioner Nicola, they developed a Sicilian version of the most traditional cake of Northern Italy- the Panettone. This is how Fiasconaro's Panettone has come to be. The result of continuous research of flavours that represent the best of Sicilian confectionery. Castelbuono Sicily    


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