Fabrizi Family Limited Edition “Black Wild Cherry” Celebration box


Nicola, the founder and owner of the Fabrizi family company in Marche is a very close family friend of the Celino’s. A limited addition celebration box of black wild cherry flavoured wines, organic jam, honey and handmade torrone from the region of Marche, presented in a branded box.  

  • Panettone Con Visciole 600g
  • Vino Visciole Frizzante 750ml 12.5%
  • Vino Dolce Re di Visciola 500ml 12%
  • Handmade Torrone Limone & Meringa 200g
  • Handmade Torrone cioccolato Bianco 200g
  • Fabrizi family organic apricot jam 220g
  • Fabrizi family extra fig jam 220g
  • Fabrizi family acacia runny honey 220g

Panettone Con Visciole

Artisan sourdough panettone filled with moist wild cherry pieces.

Vino Visciole Frizzante

Our “ Regina di Visciola “, an ancestral sparkling wine with sour cherries, is the creation that revisits the typical drink of the Marche. She was born with absolute respect for tradition, while trying to make this beloved fruit taste even for those who are not particularly fond of sweets.
In fact, it is characterized by its bright pink colour, slightly tending towards red, aromas of red fruits, it is delicious and pleasant on the palate, with its fine, never intrusive bubbles. Its flavor and acidity replace the typical sweet note, but bring out the typical characteristics of the fresh fruit.

Vino Dolce Re di Visciola

Our " Re di Visciola ", Wine and Sour Cherries, is a typical drink from the Marche region. It was created with absolute respect for tradition, maintaining the original recipe.
It is characterized by its ruby ​​red color with violet reflections, aromas of red fruits, and is delicious and pleasant on the palate.

Homemade Torrone

Fabrizi family homemade torrone exclusive to Celino's hand wrapped.

Fabrizi Family Jam & Honey

Jam with a sweet and fruity flavor is made exclusively with fresh ripe fruit ripened on the tree.
The care and respect with which we treat bees gives  our honey nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of absolute value and quality.
Acacia honey is characterized by a light color and a very delicate flavour.
No pectin is added and no frozen ingredients are used.    

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