Celino’s Limoncello Panettone 750g

Celino's Limoncello Panettone 750g


The filling with a “fresh” taste, soft dough with fresh limoncello-flavored cream
Pasticceria Fraccaro was born in 1932, when Elena and Giovanni Fraccaro founded a bakery within the walls of Castelfranco, starting a confectionery tradition destined to become renowned over time. Within a few years, thanks to the greater economic well-being, the oven became appreciated not only for good bread but also for its confectionery specialties, so much so that, in the first post-war period, a second oven specialized in focaccia, panettone and plum-cake was inaugurated. , in Borgo Pieve, another historic street in the city. A success that has had its fundamental ingredient in the use of wise and accurate methods of working the doughs and recipes. Castelfranco Veneto    


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