Celino’s Feste di Natale Luxury Hamper

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Classic wicker basket filled with Italian wines, French champagne, panettone, torrone, chocolates, pasta, pasta sauce and much more. Hand wrapped.


Please note this hamper will be packed into several shipping boxes including the wicker basket which will have the majority of the products inside to give the receiver and excellent experience.

  • Champagne Delamotte Brut 750ml 12%
  • Amarone della valpollicella Clasico  D.O.C.
  • Lenotti  “DECUS” Lugana D.O.C. 2021 12.5%
  • Lenotti “DECUS” Bardolino Chiaretto Classico D.O.C. 2021 12%
  • Villa massa limoncello 500ml
  • Messina Cristalli di Sale Sicilian 330ml 5%
  • Ichnusa Sadinian Lager 4.7% 330ml
  • Calamarata liscia IGP Il Vecchio Pastificio di Gragnano 500 gr
  • Celino’s organic porcini mushroom sauce 300g
  • Condorelli frutti di Sicilia candid orange peel coated n dark chocolate 320g
  • Virginia marrons glaces’ 180g
  • Le Dolcezze di Nanni Cantucci Corti Classici 200g
  • Tre fontane Soft Amaretto 150g
  • Le Dolcezze di Nanni Panforte Classico 250g
  • Homemade Torrone Limone & Meringa 200g
  • Homemade Torrone cioccolato & nocciola 200g
  • Celino’s classic artisan sourdough fruit panettone made in Veneto hand wrapped 500g
  • Delamotte Chanpagne

  • Delamotte was founded in 1760. Delamotte is one of the five oldest champagne houses, it is because they respect the traditions, they are dedicated to flavour and they craft their wines in the heart of the legendary Côte des Blancs Terroir.
  • Lenotti
  • The Lenotti company, with certain origins as far back as 1906, is located in Bardolino on the shores of Lake Garda in the heart of the hilly area surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. This area, particularly suited to viticulture, enjoys a privileged microclimate, due to the beneficial mitigating influence of the lake.
  • Villa Massa
  • The Massa family, begins in 1890 with the creation of the home-made recipe that was the origin of our limoncello. Year after year, generation after generation. Following the original artisan recipe of our ancestors, today our limoncello is created with the same formula that brought it into the world over a century ago: loyalty to our land and devotion to our natural ingredients.
  • Birra Messina 
  • Messina Beer has a special history that is worth exploring. Founded in 1923, the brewery was originally known as Birra Siciliana and was located in Messina.
  • Birra Ichnusa
  • Birra Ichnusa comes from Sardinia. It's brewed in Assemini, a town near the Sardinian capital of Cagliari. It takes its name from Hyknusa, the Latinized ancient name for Sardinia. Founded in 1912.
  • Vecchio Pastificio di Gragnano
  • The production of Pasta di Gragnano is done on the hilltop surrounding the town, right on the crossroad of Amalfi and Pompeii, overlooking the Gulf of Sorrento and Naples, since 1500’s. Only in Gragnano it was possible to have dry winds from the mountains, mixing together with the humid ones from the sea. It creates a perfect microclimate for drying pasta in the best possible way; thanks to the characteristic construction of the eighteenth-century buildings,
  • Celino’s Organic Sauce
  • Prunotto Mariangela’s organic farm, based in Alba’s, “capital” of the Langhe hill, for over 20 years cultivating her land by the method of organic farming produce a full range of sauces ready to heat and use for Celino’s.
  • Condorelli
  • Condorelli company was born in 1933 in Belpasso, in the province of Catania, a town on the beautiful island of Sicily. Since it was created thanks to the entrepreneurial initiative of Francesco Condorelli, the company was characterized by a strong bond with the Sicilian territory.
  • Virginia
  • Virginia is a historic brand founded in 1860, synonymous with quality and refinement in the art of confectionery. Having become famous for the production of soft Amaretti, today it also boasts a wide range of exquisite and elegant specialties. Region Liguria
  • The Dolcezze di Nanni
  • The brand was created in 1959, in the heart of Val d'Arbia in Italy. It combines a modern passion for pastry with treasured traditional recipes from Nonna Ada.
  • Tre Fontane
  • Located on the slopes of the Liguria since 1993, Tre Fontane takes up the Italian pastry tradition with ancient recipes of master pastry chefs, paying attention and attention to the quality and freshness of raw materials, the best Apulian almonds and renowned Piedmont hazelnuts.
  • Torrone
  • Home made torrone by the Fabrizi family from Marche
  • Celino's Fruit Panettone by Fraccaro
  • Made by Fraccaro in Milan exclusively for Celino's using a artisan recipe.

Hand wrapped in a beautiful wicker basket for collection, local delivery or *UK shipping. 

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Please note this hamper will be packed into several shipping boxes including the wicker basket which will have the majority of the products inside to give the receiver and excellent experience.